A Dragon's Tale

A Dragon's Tale

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ADT: It ocassionally gets 5/5s. Twilight Key Divine Legacy

Revenge of the Sprite Comics

FFVII: After Advent (It's a Final Fantasy VII Roleplay)

I have three affiliates, now, and I'm glad to say they're all top quality comics. Excuse me, while I give you a brief summary of each.

Twilight Key, by trombonefellow, is a comic of exceptional quality that has a wicked plot and the occassional hand-drawn frame of "uber-awesome" quality.

Divine Legacy, by Dragoon-Darkfire, is of the same excellent graphical quality, and although I can't say much for the plot, 'cause it's still developing and I haven't seen much of it, the humour's kickass.

Revenge of the Sprite comics is, in a word, friggin' funny. Don't tell me that's two words. Because it isn't. Anyway, yeah, check it out, dawg.

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